Happy weekend

The show last night was really incredible. It was cool because everyone in the crowd was singing along at the top of their lungs. I felt like everyone there loved that record as much as I do. It was just a really cool experience. They even played an EXTRA set! I just love them. Love love love.

I am sad I didn’t bring my camera though.

I’ve been doing lots of doodle drawing lately. I’m not sure what I’m going to be doing with them but they’re a lot of fun. They’re everywhere. I can’t help it. This one was drawn on a file folder at work.

This weekend, my plans are:

  • Put away the laundry piles I’ve been accumulating
  • Organize my dressing room
  • Cocktails with the ladies
  • Work on Indie Biz notes
  • Figure out whether I change the name of my Etsy (again… seriously, I’m losing my mind…)
  • Finish up the pin cushion I’m making for the lovely Steph.
  • Go on a treasure hunt date with the Mr.
  • Pick some paint colors (gasp.)
  • Granny square scramble
  • Plot further craftiness
  • Take LOTS of pictures

Yikes. How many days in a weekend again?

OH and before I forget, I’m also going to be posting a challenge in the next couple of days. I’ll save the details for it’s own post but keep your eye out. I’m kind of excited about it.


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