Resting up, cookies, puppies

I’ve been a neglectful blogger this week.
I’ve been feeling kind of cranky and crummy and cranky about feeling crummy and then crummy about feeling cranky. You get the picture. So I’ve been hibernating a bit… Lots of blankets, fuzzy socks and chamomile tea kinds of nights around these parts.

source: ME

I think sometimes I just need to re-boot.

Earlier in the week I made a version of these cookies. Since we didn’t have any maple syrup, I subbed it out for brown sugar. The substitution made the mixture a bit dry so I added in bit of egg white and half a mashed banana.

The result was pretty good. Next time, I need to get the brown sugar to dissolve a bit more. I haven’t mastered that yet. I’ll happily accept any tips and suggestions! Oh and as you can see, I added dark chocolate chips because… well, I always do.

source: ME

Tonight, the hibernation continues. I’m going to make some yummage, drink some tea, and make some art while I watch Project Runway.

Until then, here’s a picture of the Big Tuna.


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