Pink lemonade

Last night, the plan was to come home, take the dogs out, eat dinner, get into some comfy pants and make some granny squares for The Great Granny Square Swap.

Somewhere between getting into comfy pants and crocheting granny squares, I decided to run to the grocery store down the street to pick up some eggs, milk and cereal. It was supposed to be a 20 minute outing… which it would have been if I remembered to grab my keys.

(Source – weheart it)

I locked myself out of the house. I realized it as soon as I heard the door click and panic set in. Luckily my friend MK was able to swoop down and save me from the cold! She picked me up and we grabbed a glass of wine at the local pub while waiting for my husband to get home.

It was one of those lemonade-out-of-lemon experiences. It was nice to hang out and chat for a bit. Luckily the pub was dimly lit so no one really noticed that I was wearing a work sweater and (too short) sweatpants with clogs. Iy yi yi.

So I have no crafty update today.

In the mean time, check out these paintings from Trish Grantham. (She did the image posted above.)
I’m in lurve – SWOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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