Embroidered Dress

So the germ marathon continues at my house.
Today has mostly consisted of sitting at the doctor’s office, tea and dozing off.

LOTS of fun.

Luckily I have some pictures of the embroidery project I mentioned a few posts ago. I have this black dress that’s very comfy and very boring. I was putting it aside for the next clothing swap when I was struck with a bolt of inspiration.

Here is the dress:

I did some freehand embroidery on it and VOILA!
I embroidered this dress.


Yay! A brand new dress.

I also finished up my hat.
I’ll post a picture when I don’t have sick face.



3 thoughts on “Embroidered Dress

  1. 🙂 I was just on your blog when you were on mine!! Yours is so awesome! You are a very crafty gal – geez!! I love your peacock drawing! My good friend drew the sugar skull and named it bossy bones after me? lol But I added all the extra little designs to it and I asked him if I could embroider a bunch and he said go for it 🙂
    I’m very excited about the swap! Your first square is fancy! It’s a circle then a square, I love it!

  2. Yay – yes, I was thinking the same about you!
    I love the bossy bones – lol.

    Thanks about my square – maybe I will call mine the “Circle Gets a Square – the JM J Bullock Collection.”

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