Treasure Hunt

I woke up this morning with a terrible sore throat. I feel like I’ve been under the weather since Christmas. Not awesome.

Anyhoo – today was a good day nonetheless!

I went on a treasure hunt at the Salvation Army and found some really great stuff.

I finally got a new desk!!!! It’s still in my car because I’m waiting for my husband to get home and help me carry it in. But here is a picture of the matching chair. I fell instantly in love.

I also got this matching mirror:

They were actually part of a 10 piece bedroom set… if it was a Queen or King, I would have grabbed the whole thing, but alas it is not. The dresser was ridiculously adorable also but we really don’t have the room. Right? Right. I need to stop.

I also picked up an adorable corduroy jumper and a ballerina pink cardigan (which I have been searching for for weeks!) I’ll try to post pictures of those later on this week.

And here is a pic of a dress I purchased from Good Will earlier this week. I can’t wait to wear it. I’m thinking black belt, black tights and black long sleeved shirt underneath.

It is NyQuil time now… hoping I get some sleep as it’s back to work tomorrow.
I have lots to post about this week, so stay tuned.


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