Books, clothes and puppies.


Originally uploaded by christinaalessi

Had a fun time at book club with mah homies.
We are reading Methland by Nick Reding.

It’s an honest look at the causes and effects of meth use in a small Iowa town. We had good discussion about the book, the food industry, music and bananas. I’m hoping to finish the book this weekend and I’m excited to find out what we’re on to next!

Now it’s time to wind down and spend some quality time with the weirdo twins. I really miss them terribly when I’m away. I think I may have an unhealthy co-dependent relationship with my dogs.

My little guy, Martini, does the funniest thing when he’s excited to see me. He sits and then jumps around in a circle. Poochiemonster bounces like a pogo stick. I need to make a video of them one of these days. They’re hilarious.

Anyhoo – off for relaxy time.


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