Headband I made

Originally uploaded by christinaalessi

Tonight I had grand plans to work on my drawing, take some pictures and get my reading done for book club tomorrow… but none of that happened.

I made a giant pot of cauliflower soup instead and it is very delicious if I do say so myself!

I also cut my bangs. This is entertaining because every time I say I’m never cutting bangs again, I cut them one or two days later. You could set your watch by it…. Anyway. I think they look cute. I’ll post a picture soon.

I took the picture with my new camera. I love it! My friend K and I have signed up for a digital photography class beginning in March. I am SO excited!

Also, in the picture, I’m wearing a headband that I made last year. I’m thinking about whipping some more up. I think they’re kind of fun. Thoughts?

Ok, time to take the puppies out and then bed.
It’s snowing here… eek!


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