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Another favorite exhibit

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This weekend, my husband and two of my lovely ladyfriends hopped on over to the Montclair Art Museum in the hopes of getting our Cezanne on. When we got there we discovered that the exhibit was over so we opted for the Newark Museum instead.

The Newark Museum was always my very favorite class trip as a kid. I especially looked forward to visiting the Ballantine House, the restored former home of the Ballantine beer family. It was just as I remembered it.

The Newark Museum has some fantastic collections. We didn’t get to see the Japanese art so we’re definitely going to be visiting again soon.

Below are some of the artists/ works that most inspired me. I’m no art critic so please forgive my descriptions. I just know what I like!

William Edmondson, the son of freed slaves was born in the late 1800s. His limestone sculptures are both beautifully simple and evocative. His creations sort remind me of my one of my favorite contemporary ceramic artists Margaret Wozniak. I truly fell in love his work.

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein’s paintings hypnotized me. He was a baker by day and an artist, poet and photographer among other things at night. I think his pieces are absolutely stunning.

Collage artist Holli Schorno uses mechanical drawings from manuals and textbooks to create intricate landscapes.

I’d love to find out more about these artists. Let me know if you’re familiar with any of them.

Other favorite exhibits were the collection of Daguerreotypes. (I’m fascinated with them) and a bunch of really creepy family portraits from the 1800s.

I want one so bad. Can’t find prints though.

And finally , this of course was my favorite exhibit:



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