A few of my favorite things…

I have GREAT NEWS…  the neckwarmer I donated to Craft Hope was purchased and I shipped it off to Norway today! Hooray! It’s exciting to think it will be warming someone up across the globe. If you haven’t already, please visit the Craft Hope Etsy shop and consider purchasing one of the many beautiful handmade items donated by crafters worldwide. ALL proceeds go to benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti. It’s a win win.

So… on the homefront, I’m finally starting to feel better. Being sick is sucktastic.

On my first trip out of the house in days, I went to the library and took out a bunch of crochet books for inspiration. I plan to do some heavy crafting this weekend. I am in LOVE with the McCalls Crochet Treasury from 1976. Can you buy books from the library? For reals? Because I don’t know if I can part with this.

Speaking of crocheting, I completed a pair of custom fingerless gloves and shipped them out to their new home. I’m really happy with how they came out… the picture doesn’t really do them justice.

I made a couple of delightful fashion purchases. First, from ModCloth… this dress., which I might wear every day.

I saw these shows at Daffy’s a week or so ago and haven’t been able to stop thinking about them, so I picked them up today. They are SO comfortable… like slippers. So, I will most likely be wearing them every day also. With colorful tights. Yes.

Since I seem to be in a mad shopping spree mentality, I should mention that I really really want these earrings from joojooland badly. They are so cute it hurts.

That’s all for now. I’m going to heat up some leftover Pad Thai for dinner. Yum.

Anyone else make any fun purchases this week?


4 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things…

  1. Oh thanks! My camera pooped out on me so I took the picture with my phone. I feel like the picture doesn’t do them justice.

    And yes! Check out that book – or any vintage crochet books. Some of the clothes are hilarious and some are actually awesometown.

    Let me know if you pick it up!

  2. I saw Diana’s fingerless gloves on Saturday, and they’re completely gorgeous! She’s crazy about them and wearing them all over the place. They’re so perfect for her personality, too–super sweet with a coy smidge of macabre.

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