Craft Hope for Haiti

I am very pleased to announce that one of my neckwarmers is featured in the Craft Hope for Haiti shop on Etsy.

Purchase this neckwarmer to benefit Doctors without Borders

100% of the proceeds of the Craft Hope Etsy shop go to Doctors without Borders as their facilities in Haiti have been badly damaged.

The Craft Hope team has raised almost $10,000 so far!
Talk about a handmade movement!

I’m so proud to be a part of this effort. Please take a moment to stop by the Craft Hope Etsy shop and consider purchasing one of the beautiful handmade items donated by crafters worldwide for this important cause.

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2 thoughts on “Craft Hope for Haiti

  1. Love the neckwarmer! It is so great to see the community of crafters come together this way. 🙂 So hello to you too and I’m glad that we can be a part of this together!

  2. You had asked on my blog where I got my iphone cover. It has the cherry blossoms on it. I actually bougt it on ebay. It was super cheap!! I am talking like under $5!! It is a hard plastic cover though and it is a front and back piece. I will say that it is sturdy though… I have dropped my phone a few times and it doesn’t come apart. Hope that helps!

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