Fascinating Update.

I’m drinking buckets of tea today.

(I guess this is my Mary Lynn Rajskub face.)

I don’t know if I’m getting a cold or if my allergies and asthma have gone haywire. Whatever the situation is, it sucks.

Tonight I’m playing at Rockin’ Joe’s in Caldwell, NJ with my new project Christina Alessi and the Bachelors of Art. CA & BofA currently consists of me, Josh Bicknell and JP Doherty though there have been light discussions of adding more ingredients to our funky stew. I’m kind of interested in creating a spectacle. We’ll see what happens. Anyhoo… We’re doing an all-rendition set (I’ve been told it’s gauche to call them “covers”) and it’s going to be a lot of fun.

In crafty news, I’ve just about completed a loverly pair of black and grey custom fingerless glurves. They are super cute. I’ll post pics soon.

In general news I’m looking forward to doing some nesting this weekend. I’m going to run out and purchase my book club book today and I think I’m going to hibernate on Sunday and Monday. Not leaving the house, no phone… maybe even no computer. Well… I’m not going to push it.


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