Pepe (1996-2010)


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Today is a sad day for me.
My old friend Pepe, the World’s Greatest Chinchilla passed away this morning. He had been sick about a month or so ago and he did get better. But I guess it was just too much for the poor little guy.

I got Pepe in the summer of 1996. I had been wanting a chinchilla forever, ever since the first time I’d seen one in real life. The people at the pet store said he was about six months old. I know he’d been there for a while because I used to go and visit him.

Pepe was a quirky guy. While I wouldn’t exactly call him friendly, he was certainly curious and seemed to like being around people. He loved grapes, raisins and apples. He would hold the piece of fruit in one or both hands to eat it. It was incredibly cute to watch.

Pepe also enjoyed chewing everything in sight, like the buttons on your shirt if you were holding him. He especially liked to chew cardboard.

He liked to run on his wheel and when you picked him up he would swirl his tail like a helicopter.

He lived a good long life and I will miss him.

Rest in peace, my sweet little friend. I hope there’s a nice big dust bath for you in the sky.


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