The colors of Target…

The colors of Target…

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I took advantage of my multiple shopping trips last weekend by scoping out colors and color schemes for decorating inspiration.

I really love this combination of kitchen ware colors at Target. In my kitchen, I already have a bright orange section and I’m considering keeping a vibrant color scheme throughout the rest of it. I’m mostly obsessed with the blue… but my husband hates blue. I know, I know… who hates blue?

Below is actually a close up of a Cottonelle container. Hahah. I painted the shelves in my closet just an icy lavender and I’m thinking that a dark grey or slatey brown accent wall might look nice?

(This is why the room is still unpainted.)

Finally, during an emergency trip to AC Moore, I stumbled upon these little birds on orange resin tiles. For some reason I had to have them… and I made these goofy earrings.

That is all. Band rehearsal tonight. Woot.


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