Artist Feature Friday – Virginia Kamenitzer

The Artist Feature Fridays series spotlights artists,  crafters  and designers who I really admire! This week’s featured artist is the multi-talented Virginia Kamenitzer. Virginia is a photographer and co-owner of Paul Vincent Studios in Hoboken, NJ. And I know she didn’t mention it in her interview… but I need to tell you that Virginia’s also a bad-ass singer!

Name: Virginia Kamenitzer
Design Company: vkpictures/ Paul Vincent Studio/Gallery

Tell me about yourself.
I love art..seriously. I am not trying to be cheesy, but I really do love it. I love making it, I love watching others make it, and I love to provide an environment for people to be creative.
Tell me about what you create:
I’m a photographer. I started out wanting to be a painter cause they look so much cooler. They get to wear dirty clothes all the time, throw paint around and make a mess. So I started doing that, but I realized I really wasn’t very good at it. I still throw paint around and walk around in dirty clothes, but I do it as a photographer now.

How long have you been taking pictures?
I got into photography in college when I began to model for the photographers. I loved everything about it. I began to take classes and the study of light was just really something that hit home for me. The day that sealed the deal for me was day one in the darkroom. My professor said, ” Using the darkroom is like being a magician. You go into a dark room, and with a blast of light and a splash of a special brew you have brought a picture to a blank piece of paper.”

That was it for me. Anything that could possibly bring me closer to living in a mystical land makes me happy. ( If you haven’t had a chance to meet me yet, talk to me about Muppets, Jim Henson, and anything Dark Crystal related.. I get giddy)

From that point out I photographed everything I could, but my other love suddenly parralled my new love. Music. I really learned my craft photographing live music, bands, making cd art, and working on artist development. From there I began to shoot for publications and find myself front row at MSG, PNC, the Tweeter Center etc. shooting my 3 songs while smiling ear to ear.

Now I shoot everything from rock to fashion, stills to commercial work. I am currently  co-owner of Paul Vincent Studios and Gallery and have been working with Paul Vincent and Tara Thurber to create a creative environment and up and coming art gallery.

Care to share any tips you’ve learned along the way with other artists?
There are a couple things I learned being a girl rock photographer I can share:

  • Use the fact that you are a girl sparingly. I actually apply for passes as V.Kamenitzer to hide my gender. I’m not ashamed, I just realize it’s male based industry. Batting your eyes doesn’t get you anything.
  • Don’t let anyone at MTV try and muscle you out of a good shot just cause they think they are fancy.
  • Every photographer in the pit is there to catch an image, make sure you keep true to your vision and style and don’t let others around you influence you too much.
  • Don’t use your 3 songs at MSG to test some new technique you read about.
  • Have as much fun as you can in the craziness!!!!

Share the love – who are some of your favorite artists?
I have 2 artist that influence things I do :
Jim Henson
Brian Froud

Recent Indie Artist: Laura DeSantis-Olsson

Take a look at Virginia’s work at the following sites:

You can even see some of her pics on my band’s site. 😉


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