Artist Feature Friday – Christina Entcheva

The Artist Feature Fridays series spotlights artists and crafters who I really admire! This week’s featured artist is Christina Encheva. Christina is a graphic designer and illustrator with a delicious art blog. Most recently, she participated in a group show at the Paul Vincent Gallery in Hoboken, NJ. Her pen and ink drawings are really incredible. I’ve pasted some of my favorites below!

Christina Entcheva

Name: Christina Entcheva
Design Company: Christina Entcheva Design & Illustration

1. Tell me about yourself.
Well, I’m mostly a graphic designer. I picked up drawing after I got laid off from my design job and had some extra time on my hands. These days I’m doing freelance graphic design and showing some of my drawings in small galleries in NJ and NYC.

2. Tell me about what you create.

I started last summer by drawing in a small journal. I showed them in February – they were little clusters of characters, and a few digitally colored illustrations. I had made prints, postcards, and pins of these drawings and sold them at select venues. I gradually became less involved in paper products and illustration, and became inspired by contemporary and low-brow art. In accordance with that, I phased out products and became more involved with fine-tuning the concepts connecting my work. This led to larger drawings, which are what I’ve been showing recently.


3. How long have you been making art?
I started drawing in pen and ink last August. I’ve been in graphic design for about five years.

4. What made you decide to start selling?
A lot my blogging pals were doing it, and the Etsy community is very inspiring. I was selling some prints, postcards, and pins. I had plans for a hand-painted t-shirt line, and that’s still in the works but on the back burner. These days, I sell my art though whichever gallery is showing my work.

5. Care to share any tips you’ve learned along the way with other artists/ crafters?
The Internet as a resource for self-publishing has been invaluable to me. Conversely, real life connections are also crucial to the creative process, promotion, etc. Ultimately, I’m trying to learn to stay true to what I love to do, and not to always worry about what other people say I should be doing.

6. Share the love – who/ what are three of your favorite indie crafters/ items?
Samantha Hahn – amazing illustrator with whom I was flattered to have a show at Charles Nolan this past summer
my love for you is a stampede of horses – rad art blog curated by Meighan O’Toole, inspired me to take the art plunge
Jen Murse on Ponoko – great acrylic jewelry, graphic designer humor


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