Hoboken Handmade Collective

This weekend, I took a ride over to Hoboken to visit the Hoboken Handmade Collective.

Hoboken Handmade Collective

The Hoboken Handmade Collective offers buyers a gorgeous selection of handmade wearables and gifts. My favorites were the beautiful handmade”Congratulations” signs. I have to find out who makes them so I can post a link. They’re just beautiful.

The HHC is run by Megan of M Avery Designs. Megan is a designer herself who also offers sewing lessons as well as open labs at the shop. It’s a great place with a lot of creative energy – perfect for artists, crafters and lovers of unique handmade items.

I’m pleased to announce that I’m currently selling my upcycled embroidered cufflettes, some felted handbags, original Christmas cards and one of a kind neckwarmers at the Hoboken Handmade Collective! So make sure you stop by!

The boutique is located at 7th and Willow in Hoboken. Say hi to Megan and pick up some truly unique gifts for your holiday shopping list!

Drawings - Christmas Cartoon


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