De-Stash and Amass.

So… during this most recent hiatus from blogging, I seem to have lost my camera. This is unfortunate because The camera I’m using seems to be from the early 1600s and has .5 megapixels.

Not really but you get the picture.
Or not.

As a result of this tragedy, I finally cleaned out my art room. While I didn’t unearth my beloved picture box, I was able to clear out some supplies that I was never able to connect with. This was just in time for the Jersey City Craft Mafia’s very first De-Stash and Amass event at The Stockinette in JC. The event was a blast. It was free and open to the public and lots of people came with armfuls to swap with cast-offs from other crafty enthusiasts. I was thrilled to find glass beads for my magnets and rings (tutorial coming soon!), embroidery hoops, shrinkies and even a hand-blown glass!


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