So, in an effort to conjure up some motivation in my life, I’ve begun setting small and realistic mini-goals for myself. My Sparkletree goal is to have 25 sales by the end of the summer.

Not unrealistic, but motivation to hustle.

I also want to start getting some Sparkletree items into boutiques. So, if you know anyone or have any advice, give mama some sugar.

Speaking of sugar, I’m done with it. I have become an alarmingly squishy emotional eating machine fueled almost exclusively by bagels and peanut M&Ms. ENOUGH already. Cripes.

So, give mama some love, too. She’s gonna get reeeeal bitchy.

So, take advantage of my insanity and get some FREE SHIPPING on any item in my shop between now and Friday 7/25/08.

Just type “NO MORE M&MS” in the comments and I’ll revise your invoice.



  1. LOL. soccer announcers. i think that’s a great GOAL!i know schools, coffee shops, yoga centers, herb shoppes and jewelry stores here, but none there. try to put something up or a card up where you purchase your raw items, which is prolly on-line. do you have a card? you should put that up at all community bulletin boards. and what about people at work even if they just looked and shared with friends. good luck you talented bi-atch

  2. Good luck on the no sugar deal… I tried… lasted a day and then binged like no other šŸ™‚ And awesome goal! Maybe I should do that… hmmm…

  3. Great goal! I love your sale code, its catchy. Good luck! I’d love to get a comsignment deal as well, seems those are like gold!

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