World’s Most Boring Update…

If there were an operation to have my sinuses completely removed, I would have it.
Actually… they can take my whole nose.

I completed the first baby could pillow, well, technically it’s the second. I took pics and left my camera at home… so, I’ll put them up asap. Also, I finally found the matching red Patons yarn that I have been looking for. Turns out it was in AC Moore the whole time. Now I don’t have to go to Michael’s ever again. I hate that place. This means I can finally get finish up my newest pocketbook – Justine. This will be great for Valentine’s Day because it’s pinks and reds and very sweet.

My hands are still a mess. I went to the doctor last week. She wanted to wait a few weeks to see if the pain subsided. If not, blood-work, I suppose. The pain is still here… though the stretches really seem to help.

Nothing very exciting going on. I’m working on a paper for school.


6 thoughts on “World’s Most Boring Update…

  1. ‘smoking weed makes it ok when you’re bored’ – stan’s dad trying to explain to stan why weed is “bad”hope your hands are ok

  2. you should really get a sinus irrigation thing. i got the baby version which was like $5 for the ear one too (which i can’t use bc i am prone to ear infections) and you just put a bit of salt and warm water and it cleans ya out. i continued to be amazed by it’s simplicity and wonderfulness and my own mucus production. heh

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